Andrews Ales beer casks

At our microbrewery we produce beers in a variety of styles, so hopefully there should be a beer to suit every palate. We decided at an early stage not to theme the beer names, instead we would name them whatever seemed right or what we found amusing (personal taste).

We use a variety of malts from Muntons, Warminster and Crisp Maltings. All our hops come from Charles Faram in Worcestershire - they are a mix of British and New World hops (New Zealand and USA). All our bottled beers are bottle conditioned. All our beers are available in firkins (9 gallons), please contact us to check availability.

Core Range
Cummertrees Pale Ale
named after the village we live in and it's a pale ale!!
Supus Lupus
two words that rhymed when on one night after a few beers we were trying to pronounce the Latin for hops (Humulus lupulus).
Into The Darkness
fits the beer perfectly as it describes the ale at the same time.
Occasional Range
Wee Willy Wonky
we thought was just a little bit silly - even more so if you change the words around.
doesn't mean anything - it was a word that we liked so kept it.
Sporran Lifter
is a phrase I once heard somewhere and thought "what a great name for a beer".
Millstone Black
Millstone Black is the name of a grinding stone used in some Northern parts of Britain, I thought it was a good name for a strong dark beer.

If you would like more information, or wish to place an order, then please contact us:

Tel:01461 700387